How to create a blog or link your entry

If yo don't have a blog: We have seen an increasing number of entries on third party hosted sites - i.e. not conventional blogs and usually these entries have no product details, explanations, or links to our challenge, possibly because those hosts do not offer that facility. But linking to and mentioning our challenge is a requirement in our rules.

Feedback to us which we appreciate, indicates that some people believe it is costly to have a blog. So for those of you who are unsure it may help to know that Blogger is free and also very quick and easy to set up, here is the link to help you get started.

To add your entry to our challenge: Once you have published your post, click on the post title and it will appear in your info bar, copy and paste into Mr Linky where it asks for your URL.

To add the link back to our challenge: Go to our challenge, right click and copy the title from the info bar. Go into the compose option of your prepared post, highlight the name of our challenge, select the 'add link' box, paste the copied link and then OK. 

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